Sarah Pidatella

Graduated in 2012 at the Faculty of Mediterranean Architecture of Reggio Calabria, she has her first experiences in various professional firms in Bologna and Catania, during this period he deals with architectural design of public and private spaces.
In 2018 she opened his own studio in Catania, doing freelance work in the field of architectural design and interior design.
With the desire to bet and invest continuously in the pursuit a dialogue and comparison of the surrounding urban area, she conceives the architecture as a form of experimentation and research for a new language directly connected to a place.
Architecture intended as a vehicle for urban and social renewal, capable of improving the territory in which it operates and the quality of life of the individual.

Via Dante Maiorana 2
Sant’Agata li Battiati 95030 Catania IT
+39 347 5533580