Terra Lavica home holidays

The references to the rationalist style have been maintained in the constructive identity of the building. Inside, the rooms open towards the surrounding landscape, in a continuous game of references. Here large windows frame views of Etna, others of the pine forest, others of the Gulf of Catania. The dialogue between the past and the present is evident in the interior design: the pre-existing flooring in marble and original
furnishings of the Sixties and Seventies stand in contrast with the contemporary stylistic language, in a game of combinations and contrasts. In the kitchen and bathrooms, the original flooring of the house, the marble sawn of the Sixties, gives spaces a soft design, with curved lines; this is in contrast with the neutral and homogeneous surfaces that characterize the most radical design interventions. The narrow openings on the walls and the simplification of the forms, in addition to the use of cement and local lava stone, refer to the rationalist style of the fifties, the era to which the building dates back. A style that is still current, that dialogues with contemporary interventions and enters a clear antithesis, making the architectural language of the home timeless.

ph: Alberto Pidatella, Alessandro Costanzo

YEAR: 2018

PLACE: Nicolosi | CT

TYPE: Residential

SURFACE: 110 sqm