PP house

A large open space able to contain all the functions: kitchen, dining area, living area. By eliminating the partitions, the space becomes the real "core" of the home.
The change of flooring provides concrete-colored stoneware for the kitchen and oak slats for the living area. In this way the different functions are distinguished within a single environment. The false ceilings help to differentiate the spaces through height jumps and different use of color: white and high for the areas of conversation and dining, gray and low for the distribution and transit areas. The latter becomes
vertical: wardrobe next to the entrance, pantry in the area facing the kitchen, library near the large wooden dining table.
Through a sliding wall door you enter the sleeping area: here are the bedrooms, the main bathroom and a guest bathroom.

ph: Alberto Pidatella, Alessandro Costanzo

Sant’Agata Li Battiati | CT