GC house

The apartment is located in the Catania seafront, on the fifth floor of a newly built building. The living area, oblong in shape, is divided by various functions: from the entrance, the living corner is structured with the sofa element and the equipped shelf, followed by the kitchen area, which previously appeared in masonry, with its volume colored extruded from the wall. This operation was possible following the demolition of the same to obtain more space. In the center a large island where the kitchen and the preparation of the dishes becomes convivial for the guests, and which is joined by the oak dining table. The pre-existing American doussie parquet was left by the will of the property, while the entire envelope was redefined according to the needs of those who live there. In the bedroom a small walk-in closet has been created, ensuring order and armony. The bathroom and the study room follow the guidelines that link the various rooms. Particular attention has been given to lighting.

YEAR: 2019

PLACE: Catania

TYPE: Residential

SURFACE: 60 sqm